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12151 Source Type: Web Site Source (S2965)
12152 Source Type: Web Site Source (S3348)
12153 Source Type: Web Site Source (S3683)
12154 Source Type: Web Site Source (S3685)
12155 Speight Auty of 2 Victoria-villas Sneinton Dale Nottingham congregational minister died 3 Dec 1920 Probate Nottingham 21 December to Sarah Auty widow. Effects £639 9s AUTY, Speight (I2108)
12156 spouse given as Ella Barnett Auty so must have remarried AUTY, John William (I5653)
12157 Springfield Chapel Family F18
12158 Squire Auty of this parish, Bachelor, Painter & Gilder
Hannah Haigh of this parish, Minor
by banns, he sign she marks register, witness: William Coke & Samuel Haigh 
Family F1552
12159 Stanley Auty, 21, Bachelor, ????? , 2 Charlton Mount, Fredrick Auty (deceased), Blanket Raiser
Annie Ridgley Cullingworth, 18, Spinster, Milliner, 20 East Park Drive, Lawrence Cullingworth, Carding Agent
by Banns, both sign the register, witness: J A Cullingworth & Gertrude Ingham 
Family F3282
12160 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F4021
12161 Still born child AUTY, S.B.C. (I5273)
12162 stone BRASHAW, Florence Annie (I3874)
12163 stone AUTY, Reginald Alfred (I6094)
12164 stone CADDICK, Cora Beatrice (I6127)
12165 stone SAMUEL, Ralph (I8927)
12166 stone BURKE, Kathlee Alice (I8929)
12167 stone at Dewsbury cemetery mentions 5 children who died in infancy interred in Dewsbury churchyard AUTY, Ben (I1201)
12168 stone in Dewsbury cemetery gives age as 69 on burial which would give a birth year c1793? AUTY, Ellen (I87)
12169 Stone Mason, employing 6 men AUTY, Ben (I1201)
12170 stone says
Able seaman died at sea and only gives month & year 
AUTY, Leonard (I6196)
12171 stone says date of death 12th October AWTY, Fred (I2752)
12172 Subdural & Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Brain Laceration
Suffocation due to insufflated vomitus

Fell from ladder whilst working at Land Title Building 1 & Erie Avenue, Philadelphia

Fathers name is given as Alfred A Auty mothersa maiden name UNK 
AUTY, Edwin Albert (I5690)
12173 Surname given as BEDFORD BEDFORD, James (I691)
12174 Surname is given as TEMPLE on 1841,51,71 & 81 census but in 1861 as OTTY
Birth and death registered as Robert Temple OTTY
baptism as Robert OTTY 
OTTY, Robert Temple (I9639)
12175 Susan Auty of Dixon-fold Bamford near Rochdale (wife of Joseph Auty) died 1 January 1905 Probate London 29 March to the reverend William McIntosh Arthur congregational-minister. Effects £129 5s 7d PILKINGTON?, Susan (I4084)
12176 suspect birth registered Dec Qtr 1866 in Wakefield Reg Dst ref 9c/53 as Thomas A PAWSON AUTY, Thomas (I3510)
12177 Suspect registered as MARY ELIZABETH AUTEY, Jun Qtr 1847 in Leeds Reg Dst ref 23/468 as there is no SARAH ELIZABETH
Baptism entry gives name as SARAH ELIZABETH AUTEY, but there is no corresponding registration entry
Burial at Beckett Street Cemetery with same address as burial of John gives name as MARY daughter of John Auty
And corresponding death entry registered Dec Qtr 1849, Leeds Reg Dst ref 23/384 as MARY AUTY 
AUTY, Mary Elizabeth (I5313)
12178 suspect Susan & Vincent age transposed AUTY, Vincent Robert (I8277)
12179 suspect Susan & Vincent age transposed AUTY, Jane A (I8279)
12180 suspect this should be 4 months OTTY, Rebecca (I7240)
12181 sworn 31 August 1897
retired 1 November 1903 
HARTLEY, Herbert (I8955)
12182 Taylor CROSSLAND, John (I241)
12183 TB son of Robt & Betty AUTY, Benjamin (I10253)
12184 Testament at York Borthwick, under £100, of West Town AUTY, Charles (I1915)
12185 Testement under £300 AUTY, James (I1741)
12186 Testement, under £100 AUTY, John (I720)
12187 the 1881 census says Elgin N.B., this could be New Brunswick Canada?
other census sugest Scotland 
MURRAY, Elizabeth (I2337)
12188 The ages of Albert Awty & John Jarvis look to have been transposed, Alberts age appears to have orig entered as 21 but changed to 16 AWTY, Albert (I2344)
12189 The banns of marriage state
Joseph Auty of this parish widowewr
and Elizabeth Wainwright of the parish of Hemsworth spinster
read 7, 14 & 21 January 1816 so wedding possibly following week 
Family F874
12190 The baptism of Daniel only list his Mothers name, but occurs on the same date (27 Jul 1795) as the marriage of Benjamin & Sarah Auty so assume he is thier son AUTY, Daniel (I488)
12191 The date in the register has been altered but appears to say 22 November 1832, assume the year should be 1831 OTTY, Smith (I5142)
12192 The date of Emma's baptism is give as 2 February, but Abraham, Ellen & Henry are the next entries in the register though dated 7 February.
Emma was buried on the 7th February 
AUTY, Emma (I5131)
12193 the entry for William with no age that has been crossed out
Source Type: Census 
Source (S3073)
12194 The following is an extract from 'The Reporter' newspaper
Saturday, January 13, 1872, page 5

Fatal Accident at Dewsbury

On Monday afternoon, a lad named Joshua Auty, residing at Westtown, fell from a building at Batley Carr, two storeys high, on which he was working, and received severe internal injuries. He was conveyed home, and Dr P. Thornton called, but he expired on Wednesday evening. - On Thursday evening, an inquest was held on the body, before Mr Thomas Taylor, coroner, at the Mount Pleasant Inn, Westtown. Mr Oxley was appointed foreman. - Ellen Auty, widow, said she lived in Senior Street, and the deceased, who was sixteen years of age, was her nephew. He had been apprenticed to the joinering business about twelve months. He went to his work on Monday, at noon, in good health; about half-past four the same afternoon he was brought home by his master, Samuel Blackburn. The deceased complained of pain internally. Dr Peter Thornton attended him. The deceased did not improve at all, but gradually became weaker, and died on Wednesday, at five o’clock p.m. He continued conscious up to his death. No limbs were broken. - By a juryman: He could not tell her how the accident happened. - Thomas Bairstow, a resident in Batley, said he was a joiner. The deceased and witness had been employed together for about six months. They went on Monday morning to put the roofing on to three houses at Batley Carr. The deceased had been on buildings before, but he had not experienced any dizziness when he was on the roof. The deceased went to fetch some nails, and walked on the outside wall to the place where they were, and when he had got back to where witness was working with the articles, he put his foot on the “break course,” slipped, and fell to the ground, a distance of seven or eight yards. What caused the deceased to fall was that where he put his foot on the “break course” there were two bricks loose. Witness had told the deceased not to walk on the outside wall several times. – A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.

- x – x – x – x -

Also in the same newspaper on page 8 amongst the “Death” notices

AUTY – on the 10th inst, aged 17 years, Mr Joshua Auty, Westtown
AUTY, Joshua (I1011)
12195 The following was extracted from an article about St Paulinus Churc, in the Dewsbury Reporter:

In 1871, the beautiful church of Our Lady and St Paulinus was opened with great rejoicing, but this was not the first site which had been set aside for a new church.
Some years earlier, another piece of land had been bought on the other side of Huddersfield Road near to where the first St Paulinus School was built, and this was where St Paulinus Church was intended to be.
And the only reason St Paulinus is where it is today, is the untimely death of a Westtown businessman.
His name was Edwin Auty and he was a spirit merchant who lived in a large house in Cemetery Road called Mount Pleasant.
Following his death in 1863 at the age of 38, his house was put up for auction as part of his estate, along with two other nearby houses.
The house – Mount Pleasant – sold for £1,920, a huge sum in those days, and the two houses for £800, and Father Kenny bought all three to pull them down to provide a more suitable site for his new church.
Although little is known about Edwin Auty, we do know he owned the King's Arms, a large public house and hotel which used to stand where Woolworth's is now.
This was auctioned off too, and surprisingly it only raised £2,120, only slightly less than Mount Pleasant had raised. 
AUTY, Edwin (I477)
12196 The GRO index gives mother maiden name for births
Has been used to cross reference with FreeBMD entries 
Source (S3707)
12197 The Headingley Football Club Centenary Souvenir Brochure 1878-1978 states:

'As a postscript to the 1930's era, the following quotation from the 1948 history may be relevant'
It should be recorded that much of the success of the team in those days was due to the coaching, inspiration and exhortation of one Wilfrid Auty, generally known as the Emperor. Many are the stories told of the ability of this demagogue to inspire a man or a side to reach heights that those concerned and those who knew them never believed possible. It is a fact that more games were won in those days in the dressing room or onboard the bus or train before the game, than ever before or since. The Emperor was a master of strategy and, like a wise general, he never left anything to chance; each man in the team knew exactly what was expected of him, and if the Emperor had taken him into a corner before the game, he did it, and the team won their game. Perhaps the secret of Wilf Auty was his intense love and knowledge of the game, together with his ability to impart that knowledge. He enjoyed every minute of every game, and we are glad to see him at Kirkstall with all his old enthusiasm, still enjoying his less active part in the support of the Club'
AUTY, Fredric Wilfred Hoyle (I1410)
12198 The IGI list her as Fanny Womersley (nb prev 1988 version said Ann) Family F1428
12199 the name given in the census is James, but appears to be the correct family so assume it is Sam AUTY, Sam (I1177)
12200 the only Richard born in Co Durham c 1866 has mothers maiden surname as WATSON ROWLANDS, Richard (I4513)

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