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151 Albert Auty, 34, Bachelor, Miner, Warmfield, William Auty (deceased)
Emma Fith, 28, Spinster, - , Warmfield, Charles Firth, Miner
by banns, both sign the register, witness: William Charles Lord, & Mary Ann Firth
Registered Sep Qtr 1896, Wakefield Reg Dst ref 9c/84 
Family F2110
152 Albert Edward Auty, 25, Bachelor, Drawer, Thornhill Lees, Johnson Auty, Publican
Bertha Sheard, 23, Spinster, - , Thornhill Lees, James Shaerd (desceased), Bottle Maker
by Banns, both sign register, witness: George Sheard & John Auty
Registered Sep Qtr 1902, Dewsbury Reg Dst ref 9b/1300 
Family F367
153 Albert Hector Auty, 25, Bachelor, Fitter, Heath, Albert Auty, Colliery Deputy
Phyliss Whitehead Cawthorn, 22, Spinster, - , Heath, William Halstead Cawthorn, Horsekeeper
by banns, both sign the register, witness: Pearcy Stead & William Halstead Cawthorn
Registered Sep Qtr 1925, Wakefield Reg Dst ref 9c\2121 
Family F3166
154 Albert Oldroyd, 24, Bachelor, Tailor, Tandem Lepton New Town Kirkheaton, William Oldroyd, Spinner
Fanny Dransfield, 24, Spinster, - , - , William Dransfield, Sizer
by banns, both sign register, witness: William Dransfield (x) & Laura Dransfield 
Family F4082
155 Albert Siddle, 23, Bachelor, Miner, East Ardsley, George Auty, Miner
Sarah Ann Richardson, 21, Spinster, - , East Ardsley, John Richardson, Inn Keeper
by banns, he sign she marks register, witness: Henry Baines & El??ina ?unham 
Family F4087
156 Alfred Auty of 6 Blackburn-square off Hilberoyd-road and of Commercial-street both of Batley Yorkshire died 19 February 1901 at 6 Blackburn-square Probate Wakefield 28 March to Thomas James Auty hairdresser. Effects £280 10s 6d AUTY, Alfred (I1131)
157 Alfred Auty, 22, Bachelor, Miner, Woodkirk, John Auty, Miner
Jane Fisher, 25, Spinster, - , Bruntcliffe, Wright Fisher, Miner
by banns, both sign register, witness: George Nobel & Sarah Hannah Auty

Registered Dec Qtr 1900, Wakefield Reg Dst ref 9c/ 
Family F3358
158 Alfred Auty, 23, bachelor, Blanket Finisher, 24 Rawson Terrace, Thomas Auty, Blanket Finisher
Emma Collins, 20, spinster, - , 24 Rawson Terrace, Joseph Collins, Warehouseman
by banns, both isgn register, witness: Joseph Collins, William Collins & Emma Auty

Registered Sep Qtr 1885, Hunslet Reg Dst ref 9b/377 
Family F1260
159 Alfred Auty, 24, Bachelor, Blanket Weaver, Dewsbury Moor, Solomon Auty, Clothier
Nancy Lodge, 24, Spinster, - , Dewsbury Moor, Benjamin Lodge, Quarryman
by certificate, both sign the register, witness --?, Benjamin Fox (parish clerk)
Registered Jun Qtr 1863, Dewsbury reg Dst ref 9b/655 
Family F2683
160 Alfred Auty, 24, Bachelor, Pte Northumberland Fusiliers, 35 Grovsner St, Scunthorpe Lincs, Scott Auty (desceased), Beamer
Lilian Crowther, 27, Spinster, Clerk, 8 Sackville St, George Crowther (deceased) Dyer
Registered Jun Qtr 1917, Dewsbury Reg Dst ref 9b/995 
Family F1077
161 Alfred Auty, 29, Widower, Spinner, Staincliffe, Solomon Auty (dead), Spinner
Ellen Lodge, 22, Spinster, - , Staincliffe, Benjamin Lodge (dead), Quarryman
by banns, he sign she marks register, witness: Edwin Sykes & James Smith

Registered Sep Qtr 1871, Dewsbury Reg Dst ref 9b/798 
Family F270
162 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3176
163 Alfred Auty, 51, Widower, Joiner, Crossland Buildings West Ardsley, Daniel Auty (deceased), Mechanic
Louisa Instrell, 42, Widow, - , Crossland Buildings West Ardsley, David Drury (deceased), Platelayer
by banns, both sign register, Witness: Pearce Corbyn & Caroline Corbyn 
Family F4094
164 Alfred Bignall Auty, 30, Bachelor, Engineer?, Clark Greem Batley, Jesse Auty (dead) Mill Hand
Emma Gothard, 23, Spinster, Lady, Dark Lane Batley, Edwin Gothard, Mechanic
by banns, both sign register, witness: Edwin Gothard & Emma Auty

Registered Jun Qtr 1892, Dewsbury Reg Dst ref 9b/890 
Family F2086
165 Alfred Howgate, 23, Bachelor, Iron Moulder, Dewsbury, Alfred Howgate, Iron Moulder
Mary Alice Auty, 25, Spinster, - , Dewsbury, Joseph Auty, Musician
by banns, both mark register, witness John Auty & Sara Ann Exley (X) 
Family F2628
166 Alfred Jackson, 22, Bachelor, Miner, 25 Rileys Building New Scarborough Wakefield, George Jackson, Sawman
Lily Auty, 19, Spinster, - , 47 Taylor St, Alfred Auty (deceased), Cloth Fuller
by banns, both sign register, witness: James Henry Greenhalgh & Lavina Jackson 
Family F3954
167 Alfred Parratt, 19, bachelor, Spinner, Bk Vulcan Rd, James Senior Parratt, Bookmaker
Ethel Maud Auty, 23, Spinster, - , Back Vulcan Rd, - , -
by banns, both sign register, witness: Selina Laycock & William Johanson? 
Family F3451
168 Alfred Wormald Auty, 22, Bachelor, Mill Hand, Batley, -, - (no father given)
Eve Bailey, 20, Spinster, Weaver, Batley, Isaac Bailey, Mason
by banns, both mark register, witness: James Henry Greenhalgh (x) & Emma Bailey
Registered Dec Qtr 1887, Dewsbury Reg Dst ref 9b915 
Family F2315
169 alias WATERHOUSE AUTY, Thomas (I3937)
170 Alice Auty of 542 Croydon-terrace Manchester-road Bury Lancashire (wife of John Auty) died 2 April 1907 Probate London 9 May to said John Auty book-keeper and David Eastham Auty theological-student. Effects £1086 5s 3d EASTHAM, Alice (I2016)
171 Alice Auty of Flockton Wakefield (wife of John Auty) died 13 July 1911 Probate Wakefield 4 August to Ruth Booth (wife of William Booth).
Effects £18 12s 
MORLEY, Alice (I4243)
172 Alice Auty of Old Bank Soothill Nether Dewsbury Yorkshire (wife William Jenkinson Auty) died 1 July 1908 Administration Wakefield 11 August to said William Jenkinson Auty small ware merchant. Effects £40 1s 1d MOOREHOUSE, Alice (I2393)
173 Alice Edith Auty of 20 Westwood-road Ranmoor Sheffield (wife of Henry Auty) died 23 January 1922 Administration Wakefield 9 March to the said Henry Auty solicitor. Effects £818 11s 5d LINDLEY, Alice Edith (I3751)
174 Allan Otty, full, bachelor, Bricklayer, Flanshaw, Paul Otty, Bricklayer
Lucy Guets, full, spinster, - , Flanshaw, William Guest (deceased), Inn Keeper
by Certificate, both sign register, witness: Charles Gledhill, Fred H Guest, Kathleen Guest & Ada Otty 
Family F2531
175 Allen Auty of 5 Jubilee-terrace Morley Yorkshire died 11 December 1935 Administration Wakefield 12 February to Rowland Auty market gardner. Effects £154 17s 7d AUTY, Allen (I1688)
176 along with 5 children as steerage passengers on ship "Canada"
Into Place: New York City, New York, USA 
CROWTHER, Rhoda (I89)
177 also listed under service no 2582 AUTY, William Brown (I9349)
178 also recorded in Morley St Paul register same day AUTY, Joseph (I1544)
179 also registered at Dewsbury All Saints same day AUTY, William (I2076)
180 also registered at Kirkheaton, St John the Baptist Family F600
181 Although registered as Alfred Ernest Augustus James at birth, he is on 1861-1881 census as Alfred E A J then after as just James OTTEY, Alfred Ernest Augusatus James (I7438)
182 although there is no corresponding baptism for Sarah Ann as the daughter of Mary, she is with her and the other children in the abode of Mary's siste Sarah AUTY WINDLE, Sarah Ann (I1638)
183 Amos Auty, 21, Bachelor, Miner, Woodkirk, Joseph Auty, Miner
Sophia Ann Roberts, 23, Spinster, - , Woodkirk, James Roberts, Miller
by banns, botgh mark the register, witness: Joseph ???sall & John Hall

Registered Mar Qtr 1871, Wakefield Reg Dst ref 9c/51 
Family F281
184 Amy Isabel Auty of Lynton Mayors Walk Pontefract Yorkshire (wife of Paul Auty) died 5 September 1934. Administration Wakefield 19 November to the said Paul Auty tailor. Effects £381 4s 2d BATTE, Amy Isabel (I5117)
185 Ann Auty of Bentley Yorkshire (wife of George Auty) died 27 March 1891 Probate Wakefield 21 December to James Edward Hindle bank cashire and William Baddiley solicitor Effects £154 2s 7d HANDLEY, Ann (I1268)
186 Ann is given as Blind on the 1851 census Ann (I2518)
187 Ann Teresa of 32 Batwood-street Harpurhay Manchester (wife of Francis Andrew Auty) died 29 November 1934 Administration Manchester 12 January to Frank Auty commercial clerk. Effects £496 1s 11d ARMSTRONG, Ann Teresa (I6212)
188 Annie Auty of 2 Leith-road Sale Cheshire (wife of John Rothwell Auty) died 31 October 1939 Administration Manchester 2 April to said John Rothwell Auty retired dairyman and Edmund Auty transfer clerk. Effects £1321 2s 10d WILLIAMS, Annie (I8001)
189 Annie Auty of 659 Bolton-road Bradford (wife of William Thomas Auty) died 27 January 1931 Administration Wakefield 25 February to said William Thomas Auty tram driver. Effects £253 4s 7d HORSFALL, Annie (I4834)
190 Annie Louisa Auty of Sunny Bank Keighly-road Bingley Yorkshire widow died 6 May 1931 Probate London 20 July to Marguerite Annie Foster (wife of Jonathan Arnold Foster) and Donald Roy Auty clerk. Effects £217 3s HALL, Annie Louisa (I1463)
191 Annie Maynard Auty of 79 New Bank-road Blackburn spinster died 8 August 1928 Probate Lancaster 17 October to Emma Auty amd Mary Jane Charles spinsters. Effects £332 16s 2d AUTY, Annie Maynard (I6223)
192 Announced London Gazette 7 Dec 1944:

24th Guards Brigade, 6th S.A. Armoured Division, 13 Corps
2658249 Corporal, Lance-Sergeant James Herbert AUTY, 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

On the 17th July 1944 No. 4 Company was ordered to take hill 701.

On approaching the objective the leading Platoon was pinned down by heavy machine gun fire. In spite of this and action on his own initiative, Lance-Sergeant AUTY who was one of the leading Platoon's Section commanders, disengaged his Section and although still under fire moved his Section round to where it was in a position to assault a house from where the bulk of the fire was coming.

As soon as he was in position, and in face of heavy fire, Lance-Sergeant AUTY led the assault on the house, forced the Germans from it, and himself shot two of them.

By his quickness of action and disregard of danger Lance-Sergeant AUTY enabled his Platoon to regain its manoeuvrability and thus saved it from suffering severe casualties.

Signed Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

Granted an Immediate M.M.
AUTY, James Herbert (I4354)
193 another name possibly Susan has been crossed out and Mary Ann added as the childs name AUTY, Mary Ann (I5990)
194 Appear to have the right marriage here giving Harry's age and occupation, however he gives father as William AUTY (deceased)
Does he give his name as Harry AUTY and to name of father answers William, meaning William WHITEHEAD 
AUTY, Harry (I3720)
195 appears to be a boarding school, school mistress Ann Hargreaves sister of head of household William Hargreaves a Stone Merchants Traveller
There are three Governess Teachers, and four scholars listed 
AUTY, Emma Agnes (I2542)
196 Appears to be on census twice AUTY, Charles (I520)
197 Appears to be on census twice AUTY, Charles (I520)
198 appears to be on the census twice as he is als recorded with his widowed mother in Emley AUTY, Abraham (I1070)
199 Apprentice to Matthew Simsson AUTY, Charles (I6958)
200 approximation from information at inquest 17 Feb 1879 that says he was formerly in the Indian Police Force and mentions his return 8 months ago and leaving for India 22 years ago AUTY, Charles (I296)

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