The following is taken from the 1868 General Election Poll Book and as it falls between the 1861 & 1871 census could be useful to help locate lost families

the two contenders were John Simon Esq of 17 Oakley Sq, London (the winner) Handel Crossham Esq of Bristol

the list is by election ward and gives name, abode or location of property that gives them the vote, and for whom voted C - Crossham, S - Simon

Dewsbury - All St Ward
AUTY JohnVicarage RdC
AUTY ThomasMirfieldC
Dewsbury - Trinity Ward
AUTY HenryKent StC
AUTY Jabez snrBoothroyd LaneS
AUTY JamesScargill StC
AUTY JamesStaincliffe RdC
AUTY JohnKent StS
AUTY JosephAlbion StC
AUTY JosephAshworth RdC
AUTY PaulVulcan RdC
AUTY RichardBoothroyd LaneC
AUTY ThomasTown StC
AUTY WilliamGeorge StC
Dewsbury - St Johns Ward
AUTY BenAsylumC
AUTY BenjaminCemetery RdS
AUTY BenjaminWhitehead BdgS
AUTY CharlesAsylumC
AUTY DanielFearnley StS
AUTY FredLow BoothroydC
AUTY GeorgeWhitehead BdgS
AUTY Jabez jnrThornton StS
AUTY JohnHuddersfield RdS
AUTY JohnMiddle Rd(vote not shown)
AUTY JonathanMiddle RdC
AUTY RichardHigh StC
AUTY ThomasCooper SqS
AUTY ThomasCemetery RdS
AUTY CharlesVictoria Sq BCS
AUTY ChrisStaincliffe BottomC
AUTY GeorgeKing St BCC
AUTY JessieCommercial StC
AUTY JohnKilpin HillC
AUTY JosephPurwell HallC
Soothill Nether
AUTY JohnWilkinson FoldC

only the above wards were searched and noted