Death Cell Convict Slays Jail Keeper, Wounds 4 Others

Hamilton, Ont., Nov. 23

Paul Kowalski, awaiting death by hanging for the murder of a woman, killed his keeper. Constable J.C. Sprngfield, and seriously injured four turnkes, one of whom may die, in the corridor of the Barton street jail here to-day.

The condemed man, who was allowed to exercise in the cell corridor, suddenley attacked Springstead, his only guardian, choking him and then cutting his throat with a sharpened spoon.

Four keepers rushed to Springstead's assistance. Arthur Auty, cheif turnkey, the first to reach the condemned man, was stabbed in the chest and is not expected to Live. Sergeant Lawrie, a policeman, also was stabbed and is in hospital in a seriouis condition. Two other turn-keys received injuries while trying to subdue the infuriated prisoner

Kowalski was Finally overpowered and thrown back into the death cell.

Syracuse Herald (Syracuse, New York) 30 November 1919, page 1