$34,642 Shortage to Build City Hall

Pine Law, Mo., Jan 3

Out of a $34,642 shortage in its funds Pine Law plans to get a new city hall

This paradox had its beginnings more than two years ago when city clerk Gilbert Auty was indieted on embezzlement and forgery charges. In connection with the proceedings, the city contended the Pine Law Bank and Trust company paid out $34,642 to unauthorised persons.

The Bank deposited the disputed amount with the circuit court and yesterday the court ruled it should go to the city. Mayor Raymond l Horstdaniel announced it would be used to build a new city hall.

Pine Law is a St Louis suburb

Auty was tried on some of the charges but juries couldn't agree. Four forgery charges against him are still pending

The Bridgeport Post

Thursday, January 3, 1957