Charge a City Clerk Eith Embezzlement

Audit at Pine Law Shows Shortage of $11,200

St Louis, Aug 27

Gilbert Auty, city clerk of suburban Pine Law, was arrested today on a charge of embezzling $11,200 in funds of the city.

He was picked up by Sheriff Arthur C Mosley of St Louis County and was held at the county courthouse pending arrangements for posting of $5,000 bond

Auty had been the object of a police search since a warrent was issued againts him yesterday at the direction of Circuit Judge Raymond E Ladriere

The formal charge accused him of converting city funds to his own use on three occasions since last September

James T Dodds Jr., president of Pine Law Bank and Trust Co., where the city's funds are kept, disclosed that on his advice, Auty had given the bank a $14,484 mortgage on his home to cover any discrepancies.

"He insisted at the time" Dodds said, "that there was no shortage in the funds and there must have been a mistake in the audit. I told him that if there were any discrepancy, it would be much better for him to be prepared to make restittion immedietly

The Chillicoth Constitution-Tribune, Chillicoth Missouri

Thursday, Aug 27, 1953