The following is from microfilm at Wakefield Archive,some values are hidden in the fold of the books spine or the edges have been repaired with some kind of tape that reflects the light when copied and makes the values below unreadable such values have been replaced with ?

The actual index runs from 1688, but most values prior to 1730 are unreadable
The year 1717/18 appears to start at the letter D for instance, and a section between 1747-1770 was not a good image and unreadable
Early years are especially badly damaged in the A section

Therefore there will be missing entries

Wills & Admons at York District Probate Registry

A = Admon, T = Testament

Year Mth Name T/A Under £
1746 May Thomas Auty
of Gawthorpe Hall
p Dewsbury
A ????
1774 Apr Joseph Auty
of Dewsbury
T ????
1795 Mar Foljambe Awty
of Nether Haugh
of Grensbrough Rotherham
? ????
1796 Feb John Awty
of Leeds
A ????
1799 Sep Benjamin Awty
of Dawgreen in Dewsbury
T ????
1803 Jun William Autey
of Leeds
T ????
1809 Jun Richard Auty
of Dewsbury
T 200
1814 Feb John Autey
of Longwood
p Huddersfield
T 20
1815 Jul George Awtey
of West Melton
p Wath upon Dearne
T 1500
1822 Dec Julian Awty
of Sheffield
wife of George
T 20
1832 May George Auty
of Dewsbury
T 100
1833 May Benjamin Auty
of Dawgreen
p Dewsbury
T 100
1837 Mar Benjamin Auty
of Dewsbury
A 600
1842 Sep Ann Awty
of Thrybergh Wo
T 2000
1844 Jun James Auty
of Ossett Street Side
p Dewsbury
T 300
1845 Apr Charles Auty
of Leeds
T 20
1847 May Edward Awty
of Low Cudworth
p Royston
A 450
1851 Jan John Auty
of West Ardsley
T 100
1851 Feb William Auty
of Dewsbury
A 20
1851 Nov Harriot
(wife of Joseph Auty)
of Dewsbury
A 20 since 450
1853 Apr Jonathan Autey
of Marr Co York
T 200
1854 Mar Elizabeth Awty
of Conisbrough,
T 450
1855 Jan Charles Auty
of West Town
p Dewsbury
T 100
1856 Apr George Auty
of Heckmondwike
p Birstall
A 5