Motueka Flood - thanks

Advertisement from Nelson Evening Mail, 13 March 1877

MR and MRS AUTY desire to tender their SINCERE THANKS to those persons who assisted in rescuing them from the perilous position in the late Flood, especially to Mr E Parker, who with his Brother, were bringing them from their house, when the canoe, capsized. Mr F parker was washed into a gorse bush, and thence brought to land by means of ropes.
Mr Auty succeeded in scrambling into one willow tree; Mr E Parker, while climbing into another, seeing Mrs Auty floating by, caught her by the dress, and drawing her towards the tree, kept her above water for more than two hours, when a boat went to their deliverance, Mrs Auty being in a very exhausted state the whole time; but thanks to the care bestowed upon her by Mrs Parker, of the Motueka Hotel, where the sufferers were conveyed, she slowly recovered from the effects of her long immersion.