Inqest into Death of Annis Auty - 9 Sep 1879

At the house of Edward Dean
the Station Hotel, Soothill, on
Tuesday the 9th day of September
1879 on view of the body of
Annis Auty Deced

Elizabeth the wife of George Auty of Bridle Street, Soothill Lane, Soothill, Nightwatchman at Woollen Mill, sw says, Deced was 16 Years old and a feeder of a Scribbling & Carding machine in a Woollen Mill and my Daughter

She enjoyed good health. She had resided with us but we could not keep her at home as she persisted in staying out late and one night she remained away.
She was more regular in attending to her work for the last few months. I found out some time ago that she was pregnant and I made arrangements for Mrs Stubley to Nurse her.
On Wednesday the 27th Ult I was present with Mrs Stubley when deced was delivered of a boy who is still alive.
Deced remained in bed and appeared to go on favourably until that Sunday night following when she began to complain of feeling starved and I covered her with more blankets. She had a shivering fit every day afterwards untill last Sunday

About 1/2 past 2 O'clock last Monday morning she died.
Her life is insured in the Prudential Office

Maria the wife of Joseph Stubley of Soothill Lane, Cloth finisher sw says, Deced was my Niece. I have known her all her life. I had heared, she was in the family way but nothing was said to me about attending her until the afternood of the 27th ult. when I was asked to go to her as she was taken ill. I ran to her fathers house and found she had labor pains. In about 1/2 and hour she was delivered of a boy who is well formed. I have seen her every day since. She told me she had not any appetite.

George Stockwell of Soothill Lane, Physician and Surgeon, sw says, I do not recollect having seen deced before Monday the 1st inst: when she was lying in bed at home. I found she had been delivered of a child a few days previously and had had attacks of shivering. She was suffering from Milk fever. The tongue was moist but rather white and the pulse was at 105 beats. I gave her powders and prescriptions.
On the 2nd inst: I visited her again. The fever had entirley gone and the pulse was 80. Deced was sitting up in bed combing her hair. I cautioned her to be careful to keep herself warm. I instructed her mother to attend to her and did not see her anymore.
Deced had got over the shock of the labor. In my opinion the cause of her death was exhaustion

Geo Stockwell (signature)

Verdict: Died from natural causes
Paid: George Addy ?? 1:18:6 Persl exps