Inqest into Death of Bessy Auty - 1 February 1865

At the house of Benjamin Roger
the Star Inn, Kirkhamgate
(Alverthorpe) on Tuesday the
2st day of February 1865
on view of the body of
Bessy Auty Deced

Jabez Auty of Branicar, Alverthorpe, Coal miner, sw says, Dececd was 36 years old and my wife. It was her body that the Jury have now viewed and which Mr Thos Walker and Mr Rayner opened yesterday
I married her 16 years ago. She has had 8 children and they are all living. My youngest child but the last month is rather more than 2 years old. Deced has not worked much for more than 2 months past. She has complained of great pain.
Last Saturday noon I got home from my work and found her cleaning the fender irons and facings. She did not complain that day. I remained at home until 5 o'clock. Decd had my wages and my 2 sons wages together 2:9:11/2. She gave me 7/- and told me to go to Wakefield to buy a pair of shoes for myself. She did not appear to be any different from usual. I did not get home until 11 o'clock last Sunday morning and then found the deced was dead.
Mary Gascoigne had not attended deced during her previous confinements. Venus Broadhead had attended on former occasions

Alexander Clement Rayner of Broad Street, Wakefield, Surgeon, sw says, Last Saturday night about ten minutes to 12 o'clock a messenger arrived at Mr Thos Walkers and I immediately set off on horseback to Branicar where I found deced lying on a bed and almost in a state of syncope. I found she had been delivered and that the cord was now broken. There was a large quantity of blood about but no haemorrhage was going on at that time. Deced could not take any stimulant and she was quite dead about 5 minutes after my arrival
I yesterday along with Mr Walker & Mr Butcher made a post mortem examination of deceds body . She appeared to be a stout well formed woman but exceedingly pale. The brain and its membranes were quite healthy. Both lungs and heart were healthy. The heart was perfectly empty of blood in both cavities. The kidneys and liver were pallid but healthy. The stomach was healthy and contained a little fluid. The bladder was empty. The uterus was quite healthy but the placenta was in it. There was not any peculiar formation. The placenta was adherent but there was nothing to prevent a practitioner from completing a safe delivery. The placenta had been partially separated and the cord was pulled out of the substance of the placenta.
I am of the opinion that the deceased died from uterine haemorrhage.

Alexander Clement Rayner (signature)

Mary the wife of George Newton of Branicar, Farmer, sw says, We live about 100 yards from Jabez Auty's. I had not seen deced for sometime past until last Saturday night about 7 o'clock when I received a message by her daughter. I went deced was washing her children. She asked me to stay with her a bit. The children were put to bed by her. Deced told me she had sent for Mary Gascoigne who came about an hour after me. Mrs Parkinson afterwards came.
Between 8 and 9 o'clock deced began to be worse and she was delivered of a girl soon after 9 o'clock by Mrs Gascoigne. I was busy with the baby before the fire and did not afterwards notice what was going on. Soon after the child was born Mrs Gascoigne said a doctor had better be sent for. Deced said she did not want a doctor sending for and that if Mary would be patient she (deced) would. Mary continued to press for a doctor and I and Mrs Parkinson tried to persuade deced to consent to have one. As deced would not consent Mrs Lightfoot (who had come after the child was born) was sent off to Wakefield for a doctor.

Ann the wife of William Parkinson of Branicar, Farmer, sw says, We live next door but one to Jabez Auty's. I have been in the habit of seeing deced many times a day. In consequence of deceds request I told Mary Gascoigne last Saturday evening about 1/ past 7 o'clock that she was to go up to deced. I went to deced about an hour afterwards and the child was born nearly half an hour after I got there. Soon afterwards Mrs Gascoigne said she thought all was not right and that a doctor should be sent for. Deced said she would not have a doctor and that all would be right after a few minutes time. Deced never consent to have a doctor sent for.

Ruth Lightfoot of Branicar, Widow, sw says, I have known deced for last 12 years and I have frequently seen her. I went to their house between 10 & 11 o'clock last Saturday night. Mrs Newton, Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Gascoigne were there and said deced was in a bad way and would not have a doctor sent for. I went to Mr Thos Walkers immediately.

Verdict: Died from uterine Haemorrhage
Paid: Lister Crabtree PC 3:4:0 Persl exps