Inqest into Death of Charles Auty - 17 February 1879

At the house of Joseph Ineson
the Butchers Arms Inn, Batley on
Monday the 17th day of Febrary
1879 on view of the body of
Charles Auty Deced

Ann Auty of Bunker Lane, Staincliffe in Batley widow, sw says, Dececed was 49 years old and formerly in the Indian Police Force. He returned from India about 8 months ago. He went to India about 22 years ago when I was married to my first husband.
I was married to deced about 5 months ago. He had no money or goods to my knowledge. I had to find him with clothes to keep him. He has pawned and sold his clothes and mine also and likewise goods out of the house. He was a good Scholar and told me he would open a night School but he was continually been brought home drunk.
On Saturday the 8th inst., he came in about midnight and assulted me and used threats. I left him and went to a neighbours house and remained there until last Monday morning.
On Saturday the 9th he came several times and asked me to go back but I dare not. On the following morning he called again and told me he was going away for 3 weeks. I did not tell him I intended to summon him but I took a Summons last Monday and on his non appearance last Wednesday at Dewsbury Court House. I took out a warrent for his apprehension.
I heared nothing of him until last Saturday afternoon on about 1 o'clock when he was brought home in a Cab and paddled into the house. He looked ill and therefore I put him into bed and sent for Mr Oldfield who however could not attend being unwell. Deced told me he had been to Bingley and acting as Clerk to Mr Bennett the Auctioneer He also said he was not well when he left home and that he was worse on Tuesday and was not able to do anything afterwards. His breathing was very bad but he continued conscious up to the time of his death which took place about 3 o'clock last Sunday morning
He however rambled in his talk occasionally but he died very quietly. He had told me he had been well attended to at Bingley. There was not any money in his pockets. I found a pawn ticket for his best suit of cloths dated on the 8th inst: He never complained of having received any injury

Francis Truelove of Bunkers Lane afsd Nailmaker, sw says, I have been lodging with deceds wife for last 9 years. Her first husband died about 8 months ago. I did not see deced to my knowledge until about 6 months ago when he began to visit at the house. He appeared to be in good health and very steady before his marriage. He has often been drunk and noisy since.
Very early on the morning of Sunday the 9th inst: on reaching home I found deced drunk and riotous and his wife crying. I did not see him strike her but he threatened her and she left the house. Last Monday he told me he was going to clerk for Mr Bennet for a few days. He then seemed to be healthy and chearful. He was in bed at home last Saturday afternoon when I got back from my work. He then told me he has had some fits. His wife attended him and said he need not fear as she would not have him arrested. Several of the neighbor women visited him during the afternoon. I was present when he died.

Frank Truelove (signature)

Verdict: Died from natural causes
Paid: Geo: Phillips PS 1:0:6 Persl exps