Inqest into Death of Charles Auty - 1 March 1887

At the house of Selina Earnshaw
the the Queens Head Inn, Dewsbury on
Tuesday the first day of March
1887 on view of the body of
Charles Auty Deced

Sally Auty of No23 Tunnicliffe Yard, Westgate, widow, sw says, Dececed was 45 years old an an Auctioneers Assistant and my husband. I have known him from infancy. He has often been tipsy but last week he has been quite sober. He generally left home in a morning and returned at night. He had tea at home sometimes.
I work at a Carpet mill as a winder. He and I left the house together at 9 o'clock yesterday morning. He parted from me at the top of our yard and turned towards the Market Place.
He reached home at 1/2 past 6 oclock yesterday evening and ate his tea. He was quite sober. He read a Book until about 1/2 past 10 o'clock when he went to bed. He was very cheerful and did not complain of anything but has had a cough for the last 2 or 3 weeks. He coughed on getting into bed last night but not after that.
This morning soon after 5 o'clock I was awoke by hearing him ruttling in his throat. I spoke to him and lighted a lamp and saw him lying on his left side as he usually did. His eyes and mouth were shut. He was motionless. I ran into the yard and called up Mrs Hirst and a Policeman returned with me but the deced was dead

Jane the wife of Charles Hirst of No15 Tunnicliffe Yard afsd Cab Driver, sw says, We have been living near deced during the last 9 months. I saw him going from his house yesterday afternoon. I did not notice that he ailed anything. This morning about a quarter to 5 o'clock his wife called me up and I followed her and a Policeman to their house. Deced's body was warm. I subsiquently helped to wash it and lay it out. It is fleshy and healthy looking

Verdict: Died from natural causes
Paid: Peter Kegan PC 15/- Persl exps