Inqest into Death of Eunice Auty - 23 September 1896

At the house of Tom Sharp
the Royal Hotel, Morley, on
Wednesday the 23rd day of September
1896 on view of the body of
Eunice Amelia Auty Deced

Robert Auty, sw say, I live at No. 35 New Bank Street, Morley, and am a Plumber (journeyman)Deced was 33 years old and my wife

We were married 41/2 years ago. She has had 2 children the youngest being 1 year & 10 months old and she expected to be confined again in 3 months time.
She has been very healthy. Yesterday morning she woke me at 6 o'clock to light the Set pot fire for her to wash for ourselves. I went down and filled the Set pot with water and lighted the fire and she followed me downstairs
She began to prepare ourbreakfast. About half past 6 o'clock she complained of pain in her head and sat down on a chair and put her hand to the left temple but her hand instantly dropt and she leaned back without having spoken again
I rubbed her head and hands and as she commenced to froth at the mouth I ran out and called in some neighbours and send for Mr Clarke and her Mother. She died in less than 10 minuites from sitting down

Robert Auty (signature)

Jemima the wife of Godfrey Broomhead of No. 45 New Bank Street, News Agent, sw says, I have known deced for more than 2 years and have talked to her almost daily. She told me she expected to be confined about Christmas next and that she felt much better than during her previous pregnancies
Her husband came to our house yesterday morning about half past 6 o'clock and partly dressed myself and went to his house where deceased was seated on a chair apparently dead I helped to wash and lay out her body which is in good condition and healthy looking. She was evidently pregnant

Verdict: Died suddenly from natural causes
Paid: for Wm Wilkinson F 16/6 Persl exps