Inqest into Death of Florence Auty - ? Dec 1899

At the house of
no details are entered
the entry is not dated but come between
27 Dec 1899 and 28 Dec 1899, so would have been one of those dates
Florence Auty Deced

Mary Jane the wife of Richard Auty of Pump Lane, Common Side, West Ardsley, coal miner, sw says, Deced was 3 months and 3 weeks old and my daughter

She had bread and milk and nothing else. She was quite well up to a week ago when she began to have pain in her left ear and last Thursday I asked Mrs Woollen's advice and she suggetsed I should apply Fuller earth and did so
The parts around her ear swelled and last Sunday pus began to come from the ear and last Tuesday morning she seemed to be pale and I sent my son Abraham Blakeley for Dr Jackson.
The doctor sent a message that he would not come till Wednesay morning. I sat up with her last Tuesday night although she seemed to have no pain. She took the breast several times during the night and about 5 o'clock last Wednesday morning as she seemed to be sleeping comfortably, I got some tea for myself and soon after that I saw her moving her left arm and as she looked pale I called up Mrs Woollen who came but deced commenced to breath short and to roll her eyes.
She died about half past 6 o'clock.
Her life is insured

Mary Jane Auty (signature)

Emma the wife of James Milnes Woollen of Pump Lane, retired coal miner, sw says, I was present at the deced's birth. She was a fine baby and healthy
A week ago she had a little discharge from one ear. In a day or two the side of the neck began to swell. Last Tuesday morning I had her in my arms for half an hour and then I handed her to her Mother to let her have the breast. I was fetched yesterday morning a little after 5 o'clock. Deced was in the cradle and convulsed. I rubbed her hands and she gradually died without coming round I strip washed and laid out the body which was well norished and without any unusual appearance about it except a swelling under the ear.

Verdict: Died suddenly from natural causes
Paid: Timothy Broadhead 14/- Persl exps