Inqest into Death of Hannah Maria Auty - 18 January 1882

At the house of Alfred Hardy
the Royal Oak Inn, Stanley sum
Wrenthorpe on Wednesday the 18th
day of January 1882 on view of
the body of
Hannah Maria Auty Deced

George Auty of Bunkers Hill, Wrenthorpe coalminer, sw says, Deced was 36 years old and my wife

We have been married 14 years and have had 8 children born alive & 1 stillborn. 7 of the children are still living and 1 died when about 2 years old
Deced has been strong and healthy. She had been expected to be confined for several days past. Last Sunday she was attending to the house as usual. I left home about 8 o'clock in the morning and returned about 10 minutes to 10 o'clock. She told me that she had pains about half an hour.
All the children except my daughter Mary, who is 13 years old had gone to bed. I fetched some brandy and some rum from the Maltshovel Inn and called in Mrs Coppley. I helped deced on the bed about a quarter past 10 o'clock and then Mrs Copley came in and I went out for about an hour.
I was told that all was going on all right. I sat in the house. Jane Heald came down stairs about a quarter past 12 o'clock last Monday morning and informed me that deced had been delivered of a stillborn child. About 25 minuites past one o'clock Mrs Copley called out to me "George you must go for the Doctor". I replied "Very well", Dececd then said "No, never mind you've done for me before and can do for me again, Becca".
I minuittely set off for Mr McArthur who reached our house about 20 minuites to 2 o'clock but deced was then dead. Deced never had a medical attendant except at her first confinement.

George Auty (signature)

Rebecca the wife of David Copley of Potovens afsd Colliery horse keeper, sw says, I have known deced from her childhood. She asked me about 2 months ago to attend to her during her confinement as I had been with her 2 or 3 times previously but declined as I expected to be away. Her husband however came for me last Sunday night and I went to his house about 1/2 past 2 o'clock. He was quite sober. Jane Heald and Mrs Ashton went with me. Deced was on the bed and complaining of feeling starved and of labor pains.
We made a fire and gave her a little Rum and warm water. Deced appeared to be very weak. Her husband has had very little work lately. I fetched 2 sheets from our house. Flooding had commenced when I got to deced and it continued until she became exhausted and she died about 1 o'clock last Sunday morning. The stillborn child was a fine boy and apparently free from any decomposition or mark of injury. Deced died about 1/2 an hour after the delivery. I helped to undress wash and lay out her body which was in better condition than I expected.

Verdict: Died from natural causes
Paid: John Hollis PC 17/- Persl exps