Inquest into Death of John Auty - 14 Feb 1870

At the house of Joseph Ineson
The Butchers Arms Inn, Batley
on Monday the 14th day
of February 1870 on
view of the body of
John Auty Deced

Jane Auty of Kilpin Hills, Batley Widow, sw says, Deced was 67 years old and a Colliery Banksman

He has always enjoyed good health. Last Wednesday morning about 1/2 past 5 o'clock he left home to go to his work.
Between 2 & 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day he was brought home by two men and was put to bed. He complained of pain in his head. The right side of his head was bruised.
Dr Hinchcliffe attended him Deced continued to be confined to bed and he died last Saturday evening about a quarter past 9 o'clock.

Samuel Sykes of Mirfield Colliery Banksman sw says, I have known the deced for the last 6 or 7 weeks and I have been his assistant at Staincliff Pit of Messrs George and John Haighs Dewsbury Moor Colliery in Dewsbury
Deced was active. I met him at the pit soon after 5 o'clock last Wednesday morning. He took the corves out of the cage and hurried them about ten yards and then I hurried them to the tip end to tipple.
About 2 o'clock in the afternoon I went on the gantry which is 15 or 16 yards long and about the middle of it I put an empty corf into the siding. Deced was standing there with the full corf. I took the full corf away and set off toward the tip end. Deced said he was staved. The gantry is about 9 feet wide and about ten foot high. When I reached the turn on the way to the tip end I looked sideways and I could not see deced.
The empty corf had not been moved. I then went back and then saw deced lying at the bottom of the muck stack. I called to Sidney Webster the Engineman and we went to deced who did not stir. We raised him up and after a while he spoke and could stand and we paddled him home. Blood came from his mouth and he placed his hand on his head. There was no snow or ice on the ground. There was not much wind

Samuel Sykes (signature)

Verdict: Accidently Fell
Paid:(no details entered)