Inqest into Death of John Auty - 27 Sep 1890

At the house of Mary Ripley
the Saville Hotel, Thornhill, on
Saturday the 27th day of September
1890 on view of the body of
John Auty Deced

Fred Auty of Senior Street, Dewsbury, dyer at a woollen mill, sw says, Deced was 44 years old and a coalminer and my only brother.
He was a widower for the last 11 years and was residing in a house near where I live. I have not seen him often. Last Tuesday morning, about 7 o'clock I was standing at the gate of Ings Mill when he came and stoped and talked to me. He said he did not feel very well and that he was going to the Anchor for 2 pen'orth and then going to his work as a chip hawker, after he had been at Hodgson's for some wood. He had ceased to get coal 5 or 6 years ago without having anything the matter with him so far as I know
He was a sober man. He told me several times that he had palputation of the heart but he never told me what had brought it on. Yesterday afternoon at1/2 past 3 o'clock I saw his dead body at this house. His only child is a girl who is 12 years old and nearley blind. His life is insured.

Gertrude Auty of Senior Street afsd, sw says, I am deceds daughter and a schoolgirl. Last Thursday afternoon when he came home he complained of a pain in his chest. He sat up smoking until after 11 o'clock at night. He got up about 1/2 past 6 o'clock yesterday morning and left the house soon afterwards leaving me in bed as usual.
He was in the habit of taking his sack and getting wood twice a day at Scarborough Saw Mills, Savile Town. He locked me up in the house as usual but did not come back as I expected he would do at 8 o'clock to his breakfast

Benjamin Whitley of Town Street in Batley, sawdust hawker, sw says, I have known deced for many years. I saw him frequently and did not observe any difference in him. Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock I was returning home from Savile Town and on reaching this house I saw a drayman trying to push open the door of the Privy in the yard of this house.
I went and said there must be a drunken man in, I pushed the door so that I could get in. I then found deced on the floor. His trousers were down. I got on the seat and pulled his body up. It was quite cold and stiff. I called for assistance and helped to carry the body upstairs. I found 51/2d and a doorkey in his pocket. His sack was on a windowsill near the Privy

Ben Whitley (signature)

Sarah the wife of Joseph Whitley of No5 Senior Street, blanket handloom weaver, sw says, Deced has told me that he had fainting fits occasionally. About 10 o'clock last Thursday I saw him in his house. He was as usual. He told me he was going for some wood early in the morning and would bring it back and chop it up as he had an order for some firewood.
Yesterday morning a neighbour opened his house door and I heared he had not returned home as expected. I came to this house yesterday afternoon and undressed washed and laid out his body. There is not any sign of disease or injury, but his body is spare.

Verdict: Found dead from natural causes
Paid: David Oldroyd F 1:3:6 Persl exps