Inqest into Death of Joshua Auty - 11 January 1872

At the house of Francis Morris
Fearnsides the Mount Pleasant Inn
Dewsbury on Thursday 11th day of
January 1872 on view of the body of
Joshua Auty Deced

Ellen Auty of Senior Street West Town, Dewsbury Widow, sw say, Deced was 16 years old and a Joiner's Apprentice and son of Jabez Auty a Woollen Slubber deced

Deced resided with me and has been strong a hearty. Last Monday noon after getting his dinner he returned to his work. He was brought back between 4 & 5 o'clock last Monday afternoon by Samuel Blackburn. He complained of pain in his belly. Whatever he has since drunk he has vomited up again. He ate nothing. Dr Peter Thornton attended him. Deced gradually became week he died yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock. He remained conscious up to the time of his death. He had several bruises on his face but no bone broken. He told me he did not know how he was injured

Thomas Bairstow of Track Road, Batley Joiner, sw says, I and deced have been working for Mesrs Garthwaite and Blackburn for the last 6 months. Last Monday morning we began to put the roofing on 3 houses belonging to Benjn Jackson at Batley Carr, Batley.
About 4 o'clock in the afternoon I was on the Ridge when deced went on the brick course of the outside wall. The wall was 7 or 8 yards high. As deced was returning he stept on the outside bricks which stand on the edge and they gave way and he fell outside with 4 bricks and a corbel. He lighted on his belly on the top of the wall for the celler window. He got up and and ran 7 or 8 yards and then Mr Blackburn met and took him into his house.
Dr Peter Thornton visited him and then deced was put in a cab and taken home. I had cautioned deced and another boy who was working there several times to keep off the outside course. There was a space of about 6 1/2 inches for deced to walk on without his going on the brick course. The wall had been finished 4 or 5 days

Thomas Bairstow (signature)

Verdict: Accidently fell
Paid: (no details entered)