Inqest into Death of Lionel Bryden Auty - 26 November 1884

At the house of Thomas Tempest
the White House Inn, West Ardsley,
on Wednesday the 26th day of November
1884 on view of the body of
Lionel Bryden Auty Deced

Mary Jane the wife of James Auty of White Row, Westerton Lane, West Ardsley, stonemason (journeyman), sw says, Deced was 4 months old and my son
He has always a been well and thriving although he had a little chuffing at his chest on Monday last. I have also been quite well but my brest milk left me when decd was a month old.
About 11 o'clock last Monday night he was awake on my knee. I then gave him the bottle and he took it as usual and I took him to bed with me. He was on my right arm and between me and my husband. I did not awake until 1/2 past 5 o'clock yesterday morning I then found deced on my arm but quite dead. His life is insured with the Prudential Assurance Co limited.

Mary Jane Auty (signature)

Betty Gambles of White Row afsd window, sw says, I have seen deced nearly every day. Yesterday morning about 1/2 past 5 o'clock his father called me up and I went to their house and saw deceased's body which was warm. During the forenoon I washed and laid out the body which is very plump and firm and without any appearance of disease or violence.

Verdict: Found dead
Paid: Josh Burrill PC 16/6 Persl exps