Inqest into Death of Oliver Auty - 10 Sep 1877

At the house of Oscar Newsome Day
the Hare and Hounds Inn, West Ardsley,
on Monday th 10th day of September
1877 on view of the body of
Oliver Auty Deced

Mary Ann the wife of Samuel Auty of Hey Back Lane, West Ardsley, Greengrocer, sw says, Deced was 1 year and 11 months old and my youngest child
He has ???? about for the last 12 months. He was strong and healthy. About 3 o'clock last Saturday afternoon he was in the house with me and ran out to play with his brother and sister. My son Ezra Auty who is 8 years old was sweeping the yard then. When he had finished he asked me if he could go to play and I told him he might.
In half an hour or so I saw him and the other two elder children at the Yard end. Ezra told me he had not seen deced and the other two said they thought deced has gone home. I immediatly began to search and about 5 o'clock I heared tht he had been found in the Well. His body was brought home about 1/2 past 5 o'clock. His clothes are all right.

Mary Ann Auty (signature)

Mary the wife of George Hartley of Common Side, West Ardsley, Brickmaker, sw says, Do not recollect having seen deced until about 5 o'clock last Saturday afternoon when I was going from Baghill along the footpath through the Fair Ground fields I found him floating face downward in the Soft Well. He was quite still. Nobody was about. I called to 2 men who were walking down Beggerington Hill and they pulled the body out. The Policeman came directly and carried the body away. The Well is public

Verdict: Accedently drowned
Paid: JW Jackson PC 16/6 Persl exps