Inqest into Death of Sarah Auty 24 May 1871

Informations taken at the house
of Thomas Hirst the Royal
Hotel, Mirfield, on Wednesday
the 24th day of May 1871
on view of the body of
Sarah Auty Deced

Mary the wife of Thomas Auty of Dark Lane Ravensthorpe, Mirfield, Carpet Weaver, sw says, Deced was my stepdaughter. She was 9 years old and has always been, strong and healthy.
I go out to work as a Woollen Powerloom Weaver. Last Wednesday morning about 6 o'clock I went to the Mill as usual leaving deced with my three younger children. I also left all of them in charge of Mrs Lockwood a near neighbor. About 1/2 past 8 o'clock the same morning I was fetched home and there saw deced wrapt in a blanket on Mrs Lockwood's knee
Deced was burnt on her arms neck and chin. She was in the habit of wearing a cotton pinafore. It was burnt but the other cloths were not much injured except by being torn. Mr Joseph Ellis has attended her regularly. She improved up to Monday but she became very restless during that night and she died yesterday afternoon about 20 minuites past 5 o'clock. She did not lose her appetite

Joseph Ledgard of Noristhorp, Mirfield, Farm Labourer, sw says, Last Wednesday morning after 8 o'clock I heard a scream in the house and saw a blaze and ran into the house and wrapt deced in my jacket. Her pinafore was burning and blazing above her head. I saw 2 little children come down the steps. Neighbors came and I left.

Joseph Ledgard (signature)

Hannah the wife of Firth Cartwright of Dark Lane, power loom tuner, sw says, We live next door to Thos. Auty. I have known deced about 3 years. Last Wednesday morning a little after 7 o'clock she came to me and borrowed a small shovel which she brought back in 15 or 20 minuits afterwards. Nearly an hour after that I heared an alarm and ran to the house and saw Jos Ledgard wrapping up deced in his jacket.
There was a good fire in the grate before which was a fender. There was also a fire under the set pot and there was a door before it and the door was shut. I have seen deced every day since

Hannah Cartwright (signature)

The said Thomas Auty, sw says, I left home with my Wife last Wednesday morning. Deced was my daughter. She had been left to look after the house about 4 or 5 months.

Thomas Auty (signature)

Verdict: Accidentally burnt
Paid: George Senior PC 1:10:0 Persl exps