Letter from Herbert Hartley to Neices in Utah
Dated 14th November 1915

Nov 14th, 1915
6 Hill Street

My Dear Nieces,

In answer to your kind and welcome letter, I have not died and I was so pleased to hear from you and that all is well at home as I am at present except a very bad cold as it is very cold here just now. The news you received is false. I am still very pleased to say that. I am very much alive and well and (got) a good appetite. I have now been on pension ever since 1903. I was in the police force 26 years and 11 weeks and retired in September 1903. I have had two operations four years ago for eye and ear troubles. (it is difficult to read but suggests follow up work on his eyes and right ear).

Page #2

My wife Matilda died nine years ago—her maiden name was Matilda Clarkson of West Melton Yorkshire. Dear nieces you say your father died a year last January. I was at the funeral and his wife treated us very coolly also his son Herbert and the rest of his relatives. The coffin was very nice and he left his house (can’t read next three lines but think they referred to what he left) and reference to anything else before his death. No will was read after his death. She laid in bed she did not follow him in the hearse, they appeared alright to me (the remainder of this page is not clear but seems to be observations of the funeral and burial).

Page #3

I was born on the 18th day of April 1848. My wife Matilda 2 February 1849 and died 18 February 1849. Our Willie was born April 24th, 1870. Annie Elisa b. October 19th, 1872. Thomas Alfred born Sept 27th 1872 (question on the year?). Harriet Ann b. Feb 7 1874 and died ten years ago. She married George Falkner Cale provider in Rotherham who cot a bad cold .... Willie lives at Autwood near Wakefield – has eight children. (Difficult to read several lines)(lists several family history names to end of page)

Page #4

Mr Andrews solicitor of Doncaster had the prosperity in hand and was their solicitor but his wife Elizabeth saw a friend Harry who has drawn his will up but I doubted it because Harry had been solicitor the morning of Father’s internment and said to his mother, Mr Andrews wants the value of the inventory (several unreadable lines). Father died about four years last February. He died very quite (quiet). I have wrote to his sister, Nancy Pitchforth many times and got no answer for two or three years (Nancy Hartley Pitchforth made her way to Utah, married and they moved to many rural areas where he mined and she died in Milford, Utah in 1910). She used to write at least every Xmas. So came to the conclusion that she must be dead and that must be true (that could have been possible since this letter was in 1915), I hope not. I see you want my record.

Page #5 (He appears to have repeated some of what I have labeled Page #3)

I was born on the 18th of April 1848, my wife Matilda died Feb 10th 1908 my wife Matilda Feb 2, 1908. Our Willie born Apr 24, 1870. Annie Elisa born Sep 27, 1872. Harriet Ann born Sep 27, 1874 and died ten years ago was married to George Falkner Cale proprietorship of .......... near Rotheringham. She got a bad cold turned into galloping consumption. Willie lives at Autwood near Wakefield has eight children. Tom lives at Hemsworth with two children. I had only four children names above. I have been in ...... since June. Annie Elisa has two children Mabel 19 years old Doris (unclear) 17 years old his business and resides two back (unclear) moved 2 Stony Rock Lane Leeds. Her married name is Hunt his parents M. Hunt furniture dealers Sheffield in a .......way- My mother Lucy Hartley- married Job Hartley son of Nehemiah Hartley. My fathers father John Hartley (rest of page unclear).

Page #6

Samuel Walker father calls John who lives at Westfield West Melton had a brother Job Walker a photographer and lives near the railroad station at Barnsley Yorkshire who is dead but son Joseph has the business yet here. Samuel and his wife came to Salt Lake journey some ten years ago. They al arise of Auty family. There was an Auty publican and farmer lived at Bolton on Dearne kept his red house at West Melton Green who married a lady called Batchelor her father was a farmer at Brampton Bielow both died forty years ago. He built the house we were born in at West Melton Green. North Rotheram from Common land. My mother’s maiden name was :Lucy Ambler born at Newhall between Wath and West Melton Nov 19th 1819 died about 1875 – 75 years old. She had a sister Amelia married a Nicholas Pillow who had three sons and 2 daughters. Herbert (unclear) then Fred, Joe, Lucy and Elizabeth- lives at Newhall Aunt Harriet mother’s sister married a William (rest of sentence is unclear). William Ambler mother’s brother is dead died at Wath on Dearn next to West Melton- wife Elizabeth had two sons John and George daughters Lucy and Elizabeth. Another of mother’s brothers married a Sarah Auty and had two daughters who live at Wath on Dearne married one married a Butterfield Butcher used to live up Sandy (unclear) Gate. All mothers sisters and brothers are dead. (Last two sentences of this page are faded and unclear).

Page #7

Up to military age 40 and so on – and those who do not join (unclear) on the scheme of Lord Derby as I have told have told you Conscription will come in so they will have to be made. They allow the married (unclear) wives 12/6 sentenced 17/6 with one child then 2/6 for every other child. Young men joining every day now very strong – this country is getting a very strong army as well is coming from Canada (next two sentences unclear due to fold) – if we want them we can get 20 millions from (it appears India) It costs this country about 5,000 per day now. German Zepplins Airplanes have done enormous damage in London and suburbs. Greenwich Hill, Grimsby and other places, but I assure you we have done more damage to them and destroyed about 60 submarines and captured more.

Page #8

The food is very dear now about double the price as it was- we cannot touch. The worst part – of beef – under 1/ per – fish 1/ per of any kind. The least price Bacon 1/3 per – fresh laid eggs go for 1/ (two sentences unclear)

I still live in lodgings at Keighley. So excuse more at this time – believe me to be of your loving Uncle – and me to be of your loving Uncle - (unclear sentence) - Good wishes your loving Uncle.

Herbert Hartley
6 Hill Street
Keighley, Yorkshire, England