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WW1 Allied Victory Medal
WW1 Allied Victory Medal
Also known as 'Wilfred'
It was decided that each of the allies should each issue their own bronze victory medal with a similar design, similar equivalent wording and identical ribbon.
The British medal was designed by W. McMillan. The front depicts a winged classical figure representing victory.
Approximately 5.7 million victory medals were issued. Interestingly, eligibility for this medal was more restrictive and not everyone who received the British War Medal ('Squeak') also received the Victory Medal ('Wilfred'). However, in general, all recipients of 'Wilfred' also received 'Squeak' and all recipients of 'Pip' also received both 'Squeak' and 'Wilfred'.
The recipient's service number, rank, name and unit was impressed on the rim. 
  21 Sep 2017
WW1 1914-15 Star
WW1 1914-15 Star
Established in December 1918.

Also known as 'Pip'.
This bronze medal was authorized in 1918. It is very similar to the 1914 Star but it was issued to a much wider range of recipients. Broadly speaking it was awarded to all who served in any theatre of war against Germany between 5th August 1914 and 31st December 1915, except those eligible for the 1914 Star. Similarly, those who received the Africa General Service Medal or the Sudan 1910 Medal were not eligible for the award.
Like the 1914 Star, the 1914-15 Star was not awarded alone. The recipient had to have received the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. The reverse is plain with the recipient's service number, rank, name and unit impressed on it.
An estimated 2.4 million of these medals were issued. 
  21 Sep 2017
WW1 British War Medal, 1914-18
WW1 British War Medal, 1914-18
Established on 26th July 1919.

Also known as 'Squeak'.
The silver or bronze medal was awarded to officers and men of the British and Imperial Forces who either entered a theatre of war or entered service overseas between 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918 inclusive. This was later extended to services in Russia, Siberia and some other areas in 1919 and 1920.
Approximately 6.5 million British War Medals were issued. Approximately 6.4 million of these were the silver versions of this medal. Around 110,000 of a bronze version were issued mainly to Chinese, Maltese and Indian Labour Corps. The front of the medal depicts the head of George V.
The recipient's service number, rank, name and unit was impressed on the rim. 
  21 Sep 2017
Wedding of Cyril Auty & Florence May Price 1944
Wedding of Cyril Auty & Florence May Price 1944
  20 Sep 2017
Fred Auty
Fred Auty
  19 Sep 2017
UK Silver War Badge
UK Silver War Badge
The Silver War Badge was issued in the United Kingdom and the British Empire to service personnel who had been honourably discharged due to wounds or sickness from military service in World War I. The badge, sometimes known as the "Discharge Badge", the "Wound Badge" or "Services Rendered Badge", was first issued in September 1916, along with an official certificate of entitlement.
The large sterling silver lapel badge was intended to be worn on civilian clothes. The decoration was introduced as an award of "King's silver" for having received wounds or injury during loyal war service to the Crown's authority. A secondary causation for its introduction was that a practice had developed in the early years of the war in the United Kingdom where some women took it upon themselves to confront and publicly embarrass men of fighting age they saw in public places who were not in military uniform, by ostentatiously presenting them with white feathers, as a suggestion of cowardice. As the war had developed substantial numbers of servicemen who had been discharged from His Majesty's Forces with wounds that rendered them unfit for war service, but which were not obvious from their outward appearance, found themselves being harassed in such a manner and the badge, to be worn on the right breast while in civilian dress, was a means of discouraging such incidents being directed at ex-forces' personnel. It was forbidden to wear the badge on a military uniform.
The badge bears the royal cipher of "GRI" (for Georgius Rex Imperator; George, King and Emperor) and around the rim "For King and Empire - Services Rendered".
Each badge was uniquely numbered on the reverse. The War Office maintained a register recording which serviceman each one had been issued to in United Kingdom, and the governments of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Rhodesia maintained their own registers of issue (which were copied to the War Office in London to provide it with an Imperial master-record).[Note 1] Silver War Badges issued by the Empire's dominion nations had their identification numbers on the reverse prefixed with the first letter of the issuing nation: Australia with the letter 'A', Canada 'C', etc. In the United Kingdom the War Office made it known that it would not replace Silver War Badges if they were lost, however if one was handed into a police station then it would be returned to the War Office, which would seek to return it using its records to its recipient.
A similar award called the King's Badge was issued in World War II. Although each was issued with a certificate, unlike its World War I counterpart it was not individually numbered. 
  12 Sep 2017
Military Medal
Military Medal
Until 1993, the Military Medal (MM) was a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army and other services, and formerly also to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land.
The medal was established on 25 March 1916.
It was the other ranks' equivalent to the Military Cross (MC), which was awarded to commissioned officers and, rarely, to warrant officers, although WOs could also be awarded the MM. The MM ranked below the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), which was also awarded to non-commissioned members of the Army. 
  12 Sep 2017
WW1 1914 Star
WW1 1914 Star
Established in April 1917.
Also known as 'Pip' or the 'Mons Star'.
This bronze medal award was authorized by King George V in April 1917 for those who had served in France or Belgium between 5th August 1914 to midnight on 22nd November 1914 inclusive. The award was open to officers and men of the British and Indian Expeditionary Forces, doctors and nurses as well as Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Navy Reserve and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve who served ashore with the Royal Naval Division in France or Belgium.
A narrow horizontal bronze clasp sewn onto the ribbon, bearing the dates '5th AUG. - 22nd NOV. 1914' shows that the recipient had actually served under fire of the enemy during that period. For every seven medals issued without a clasp there were approximately five issued with the clasp.

Recipients who received the medal with the clasp were also entitled to attach a small silver heraldic rose to the ribbon when just the ribbon was being worn.
The reverse is plain with the recipient's service number, rank, name and unit impressed on it.
It should be remembered that recipients of this medal were responsible for assisting the French to hold back the German army while new recruits could be trained and equipped. Collectively, they fully deserve a great deal of honour for their part in the first sixteen weeks of the Great War. This included the battle of Mons, the retreat to the Seine, the battles of Le Cateau, the Marne, the Aisne and the first battle of Ypres. There were approximately 378,000 1914 Stars issued 
  31 Aug 2017


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
FOSTER, John William 
b. Abt 1882  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  19 Sep 2017
b. Abt 1881  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  19 Sep 2017
b. Abt 1906  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  19 Sep 2017
FOSTER, William 
b. Abt 1907  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  19 Sep 2017
AUTY, Lucy 
b. 21 Sep 1882  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  19 Sep 2017
   14 Sep 2017
HAUGHTY, Charles Harold 
b. Abt Jun 1904  Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England  14 Sep 2017
HAUGHTY, Charles 
b. Abt Jun 1876  Bewdley, Worcestershire, England  14 Sep 2017
HAUGHTY, Charles 
b. Abt Jun 1873  Kidderminster Registration District, Worcestershire, England  14 Sep 2017
HAUGHTY, Charles 
b. Abt Mar 1868  Warndon, Worcestershire, England  14 Sep 2017
HAUGHTY, George Sydney 
b. Abt Jun 1897  Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England  12 Sep 2017
OTTEY, Samuel Thomas 
b. Abt Sep 1893  Ibstock, Leicestershire, England  12 Sep 2017
OTTEY, Thomas William 
b. Abt Dec 1868  Vauxhall, London, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Thomas William 
b. Abt Dec 1883  Hetton le Hole, Durham, England  7 Sep 2017
b. Abt 1883   7 Sep 2017
b. Abt 1888   7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Thomas James Albert 
b. Abt Dec 1888  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, John Gilbert Harold 
b. 16 Nov 1895  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Victor Harry 
b. 26 Apr 1888  East Molesey, Surrey, England  7 Sep 2017
SPENCER, Jane Hannah 
b. Abt 1888   7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Charles Ewart 
b. 29 Mar 1886  Molesey, Surrey, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, George Petty 
b. 22 Feb 1882  Molesey, Surrey, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Kezia Mona Carnson 
b. Abt Jun 1879   7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Mona Yeames Harriet 
b. Abt Dec 1877  East Molesey, Surrey, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, William Charles John Mallins 
b. 1 Nov 1873  Sunbury, Middlesex, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Emma Maria Critchill 
b. 21 May 1871  Notting Hill, Middlesex, England  7 Sep 2017
EVANS, Annie 
b. Abt 1885   7 Sep 2017
OTTY, Matthew M.M. 
b. Abt Dec 1885  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  7 Sep 2017
OTTEY, Charley 
b. Abt Dec 1897  Quorn, Leicestershire, England  6 Sep 2017
OTTEY, Arthur 
b. Abt Sep 1895  Ibstock, Leicestershire, England  6 Sep 2017
OTTY, Herbert 
b. Abt Mar 1882  Liverpool, Lancashire, England  6 Sep 2017
OTTY, Joseph Edward 
b. 16 Apr 1886  Toxteth, Lancashire, England  6 Sep 2017
OTTY, John 
b. Abt Dec 1893  Weybourne, Norfolk, England  6 Sep 2017
OTTEY, Eric Albert Stinson 
b. Abt Mar 1892  New Swannington, Leicestershire, England  6 Sep 2017
OTTEY, Harry 
b. Abt Sep 1881  Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire, England  6 Sep 2017
AUTY, Willie 
b. 4 Feb 1881  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  4 Sep 2017
AUTY, Vincent 
b. Dec 1895  Manchester, Lancashire, England  4 Sep 2017
AUTY, Vincent 
b. Abt Dec 1895  Mirfield, Yorkshire, England  4 Sep 2017
AUTY, Donald Roy 
b. Abt Mar 1894  Bingley, Yorkshire, England  1 Sep 2017
AUTY, Joseph Alwyn 
b. Abt Jun 1896  Sandal Magna, Yorkshire, England  1 Sep 2017
AUTY, Sol 
b. Abt Dec 1875  West Ardsley, Yorkshire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, Percy 
b. Abt Jun 1892  Milnsbridge, Yorkshire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, Joseph 
b. Abt Jun 1877  Morley, Yorkshire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, John Henry Kilburn 
b. 31 Aug 1886  Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, Joseph Speight 
b. 13 Jan 1884  Batley, Yorkshire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, Had 
b. Abt Jun 1878  Soothill, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, George William 
b. Abt Sep 1892  Holme, Westmorland, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, Edmund Whitehead 
b. Abt Mar 1893  Bury, Lancashire, England  31 Aug 2017
AUTY, Cyrus 
b. Abt Dec 1893  Kirkhamgate, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England  30 Aug 2017
AWTY, William James 
b. Abt Jun 1873  Ossett, Yorkshire, England  30 Aug 2017

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I10271  FOSTER, John William  I2276  AUTY, Lucy  6 Jul 1914  19 Sep 2017
 I10271  FOSTER, John William  I10272  POLLARD, Laura  3 Apr 1905  19 Sep 2017
 I6521  HAUGHTY, Charles Harold  I10270  JOHNSON, Annie G  Abt Mar 1934  14 Sep 2017
 I7465  OTTY, Thomas William  I10267  RAMSHAW, Jenny  5 Nov 1910  7 Sep 2017
 I10019  OTTY, Thomas James Albert  I10201  CRIGHTON, Dora  16 Apr 1911  7 Sep 2017
 I9916  OTTY, Victor Harry  I10266  SPENCER, Jane Hannah  5 Dec 1918  7 Sep 2017
 I9771  OTTY, Matthew M.M.  I10263  EVANS, Annie M.M.  26 Jul 1915  7 Sep 2017
 I4904  AUTY, Robert Richard  I4905  TUCKWELL, May Victoria  22 Aug 1888  23 Aug 2017
 I8369  COWAN, William Alan  I4912  INESON, Muriel Lena  1927  23 Aug 2017
 I8272  AUTY, John Joseph  I8274  FLANAGAN, Susan  1911  23 Aug 2017
 I1344  AUTY, Reuben  I1367  ARTHUR, Elizabeth Ann  1879  23 Aug 2017
 I1345  AUTY, William Sands  I1360  BROWN, Mary Ann  1884  23 Aug 2017
 I1347  AUTY, Abraham Sands  I1353  WATSON, Mary Teresa  1888  23 Aug 2017
 I1349  AUTY, John  I1380  NIXON, Mary Ann  1900  23 Aug 2017
 I1402  AUTY, Fredrick William  I8359  BELL, Florence Emily  1913  23 Aug 2017
 I1383  AUTY, William Arthur  I8364  ALLEN, Beatrice Lilly  1917  23 Aug 2017
 I1271  AWTY, Joseph Alexander  I6017  PICKUP, Isabella Emily  Abt 1875  23 Aug 2017
 I6023  AWTY, Joseph Henry  I6034  DEDMAN, Gertrude Annie  Abt 1916  23 Aug 2017
 I6025  AWTY, Charles Fredrick  I6033  PEGG, Maude Louisa  Abt 1915  23 Aug 2017
 I6037  AWTY, Thomas Edward  I6051  OLIVE, Beatrice May  Abt 1935  23 Aug 2017
 I6022  AWTY, Albert Alexander  I7869  FELTSCHEER, Mary Katharyn  1913  23 Aug 2017
 I8358  BLAKLEY, Percival  I1376  AUTY, Alice  1919  23 Aug 2017
 I1356  DYER, Henry  I1342  AUTY, Ann  1874  23 Aug 2017
 I6032  FISHER, John  I6024  AWTY, Florance May  Abt 1911  23 Aug 2017
 I1405  GREENWAY, Theophilus William Thomas  I1403  AUTY, Amy  1908  23 Aug 2017
 I6029  MAPLE, James Henry  I6020  AWTY, Ethel Louise  Abt 1904  23 Aug 2017
 I6030  MINTY, Robert William  I6069  AWTY, Emily  Abt 1924  23 Aug 2017
 I1384  STEVENSON, George  I1366  AUTY, Ruby Beatrice  1917  23 Aug 2017
 I6061  TUTTLEBY, Herbert Leslie  I6021  AWTY, Sarah  Abt 1900  23 Aug 2017
 I5666  AUTY, Jonas  I5695  SAWYER, Maria  2 Oct 1876  23 Aug 2017
 I5693  AUTY, Joseph  I5698  CRANDALL, Fannie M  12 Sep 1898  23 Aug 2017
 I4914  HENDERSON, William Frank  I4913  AUTY, Violet  1926  23 Aug 2017
 I4910  MCCORMICK, Francis James  I4908  AUTY, Ina May  1922  23 Aug 2017
 I6015  SIMMONDS, Harry  I3827  AUTY, Nellie Edna    23 Aug 2017